Trishneet Arora : 8th class Failure to a Successful Entrepreneur

People usually says if you aren’t good at studies it means you are axing your own future. But many famous personalities have proved that despite failure in studies you could skyrocket your future. Trishneet Arora is one of them who at a very young age of 22 achieved the benchmark of successful entrepreneur having turnover in crores.

By profession Trishneet is an ethical hacker who founded TAC Security Solutions , a cyber security company which combat against all the potential hacking threats and vulnerabilities which could be disastrous to any organisation. That’s why Reliance Industries, Central bureau of Investigation , Punjab Police and Gujarat Police have vested their cyber security in the hands of this responsible technocrat.


From the beginning of his life Trishneet was keenly interested in computer. He was so indulged in ethical hacking that he left out the exams of class 8th and thus failed. Friends made fun of him but Trishneet remain focused and determined.

Trishneet has won several awards for his moral contribution in the security of the country. Now he is eyeing on US to catapult the graph of his venture across the oceans. Worldwide approx 500 companies are his clients. Trishneet is aiming to boost the turnover to 2000 crores. We wish this young soul all the Best !!!

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