OMG : Indians are not allowed in this Village of Himachal Pradesh

A Village in Himachal Pradesh is often recognized as Mini Israel where Indians are not allowed. Most of the Indians might not have any idea about this village called ‘Kasol’. Kasol has become a second home for Israeli people where people in huge numbers come from Israel. The scenes of Kasol are so shocking that will make You  feel as if this village is not in India, it belongs to Israel.
If by mistake any Indian comes in this village, he is not given room to stay and thus he has to leave anyhow. People says Tourist businessmen has their hand behind such rule because Israeli people contributes more to income than the Indian tourists. According to few businessmen, Indian tourists come here and do molestation with Israeli women so to ensure convenient flow of Israeli tourists such rule has been made.
Around 20 years back , people from Israel came here and from local people they took land on lease where they made cottages and coffee houses which led to increase in employment for local people. You can witness large flags waving across the streets of this Village.
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