Khajana Bank : Run Exclusively By & For Children in India

Commendable job done by street children in Delhi who have setup their own bank in the year 2001 to meet their future needs. This bank is known as Children’s Development Khazana (CDK), which is owned and managed by the children of Fatehpuri in Old Delhi. Bank is assisted by the NGO Butterflies which helps the youth brigade to cope up the logistic issues.

Children are the sole decision and rule makers which are strictly followed. Kids can deposit their pennies in this bank and withdraw anytime as per their need. The bank remains opened though out the week.

Bank is managed by the youngest bank manager named Sonu who is just 12 years old and he is very much serious about his job duties.

Kids aged 9 to 18 could open the account and get 3.5% interest on their savings.

The main motto of this bank is to provide safe and secure future to children who earn very less per day. Instead of wasting their money, this bank lends its helping hands to nourish their future. In India ‘Khajana Bank’ has opened 10 branches successfully and heading hard to excel.

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