Akshay Kumar refused to visit on Comedy Nights

Some weeks ago Comedy Nights and Kapil Sharma show had a cut throat competition. Both rating was nearby equal. It was really appreciable for the comedy nights team but now it is going to down .this show is losing its charm among the public and as well as among the bollywood stars

As of now Jacqueline Fernandez rejected to go on the set of Comedy nights to promote her movie Dishoom. Now Akshay Kumar also refused to visit on the set of Comedy nights. He chooses Kapil Sharma Show instead of Comedy Nights to promote his movie Rustam. So this show is becoming unpopular among the B-town stars.

Such type of unpleasant situation happened; when Lisa Haydan visited on the show to promote the movie Houseful 3.When Siddhartha Jadhav called her black African and Kangaroo.

This show is based on roast format so most of the stars avoid visiting on the set of this show. May be there would be another reason as Ileana D’cruz is not well versed in Hindi as Lisa Haydan so maybe it can be one of the reason of refusal.

When Siddhartha called her Kangaroo it was a huge uproar as he called a girl with such a mean word. But later on when this comment becomes a big issue it was pretend as a prank to avoid a hilarious situation.

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